Welcome to Hong Kong

Having been a tourist and a resident in the wonderful city of Hong Kong, I can honestly say I adore the place; the culture, the shopping and the sights are at times breathtakingly unique. So for anyone doing a whistle stop tour of this small yet perfectly formed city here are my top FIVE:

1. On the Ground Level there is a VIEW.

Hong Kong’s skyline is one of the most recognizable in the world with its vast array of skyscrapers. Luckily for you the skyline is something that is cheap and easy to do, all you need is an MTR ticket and your camera!For anyone wanting the perfect picture( or selfie…) head over to  Tsim Sha Tsui Station and have a walk along the Avenue of Stars . The harbor front gives you an uninterrupted view of the Hong Kong skyline expect lights, tourists and selfiesticks.

The Extras:

  • The best time to get there is around 7:45pm just in time for the “Symphony of Lights,” this shows runs through to 10:30 and is worth a look.
  • Closet MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui
A view for the afternoon.
A view for the afternoon.

 2. Up high there is the PEAK.

Hong Kong is a city with a view so if you are wanting a vantage point with a more vertical feeling get yourself to “The Peak.” The Peak Tram offers iconic views over both sides of the city and is one of the best known tourist spots so expect queues. There are a few ways to reach the dizzy heights my preferred route is to take the Peak Tram. The most popular ticket is “The Tram Sky pass,”($83.00 HKD)with this you get to ride the tram and gain access to the Sky Terrace. However if you are travelling on a strict budget don’t worry you can take the bus to the top or for the more adventurous you can even walk to the top!

The Extras:

  • If you want to go on the tram but don’t fancy paying extra for the sky terrace tickets Tram only tickets are $40 HKD.
  • Take note of the weather and avoid days with a chance of rain you don’t want fog spoiling your view.
  • Closet MTR : Admiralty


Above the clouds.
Above the clouds.

3. In there clouds there is a BIG BUDDAH.

Sitting 34 feet tall the “Big Buddah,” is a site to behold and a great place to experience the more scenic parts of Hong Kong. While at the Buddah you can also visit the Po Lin Monastery, home to many practicing monks this colourful Monastery is a lovely place for a rest stop and has an amazing array of vegetarian dishes on offer to tempt those taste-buds ( try the spring rolls!!) There are many ways you can get there the most breathtaking option is to take  the “Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car,” this 20 minute ride gives the best views and is a great choice for families. Alternatively, if you are wanting a cheaper option there is a bus that takes you right to the top and if you have your walking boots on hand there is a hike( not advisable in the hot and humid Summer months).

The Extras:

  • Keep your eye on the weather if there is a storm a brewing the cable cars don’t run.
  • Pick your dates carefully don’t visit on a Chinese public holiday to avoid large crowd levels.
  • For the fast tracking approach to queues you can pre-book .
  • Closet MTR: Tung Chung Station
Spot the Tourist.
Spot the Tourist.

 4. Hidden away there is HONG KONG PARK.

“Hong Kong Park,” is one of my favourite places in the World this quiet park is hidden away between the high rises of Admiralty.  The Park is perfect for escape and relaxation with its windy paths, coloruful bird aviary and waterfall it is easy to forget you are in the heart of one of the busiest financial districts in the World. Hong Kong Park also houses the “Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware,” and the “Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre”. Even when in a state of zen there is still a need to get the camera out! Hong Kong Park, has a wealth of great photo opportunities whether it be of the turtles chilling on the lake or getting some snaps of its larger neighbouring skyscrapers. The

The Extras:

  • There is a nice little restaurant there but my suggestion would be take a snack as you may end up spending a little longer than you expected.
  • Closet MTR – Admiralty


A Peaceful Place
A Peaceful Place

5. Up a Hill there is Lan KWAI FONG

Every weekend LKF has thousands of party goers ready to experience the Hong Kong night life. LKF, is not known for its uber edgey bars like other areas of Hong Kong but what it does have is atmosphere ! Travelers on a budget the great news is luckily for you one of the busiest “bars” is 7/11 so let the street drinking commence!  If street drinking isn’t your bag there are some good bars, for cheesy disco vibes you could pay “Stormies,” a visit and for something a bit more snazzy( loving this word atm…) you could treat yourself to a night with Gordon Ramsey sadly he wont be there in person but LKF is home to his new restaurant in “Bread Street Kitchen,”and it is DELICIOUS(I can personally vouch for the ribs)!

The Extras:

  • To get the full atmosphere and LKF experience head there on a Saturday night!
  • Closet MTR: Central then follow the very helpful signs to Lan Kwai Fong.
The Norm.
The Norm.

Now, time to book your ticket and start exploring !

For more info on Hong Kong Click here. 


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