A Day for RED – Happy Chinese New Year

As yesterday was the first day of the Chinese New Year Celebrations I thought it was only fitting I keep with tradition and wear RED in the hope the year of the goat would give me prosperity, happiness and love. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a new addition to the wardrobe so I opted for a few more subtle ways to rock red!

This TOPSHOP nail varnish is a classic shade of red and when applied has a real glossy finish making it perfect for the New Year Celebrations. For anyone looking for that timeless shade this is the colour for you!!

Pillar Box Red.
Pillar Box Red.

The name of the polish is “pillar box red,”(No.401). This is the little gem was a steal at only $45.00 HKD from topshop in their latest 2 polishes for $99.00 HKD offer! ( An offer not to be ignored!)  Sporting this makes my nails look shiny and pristine and ready to bring in the new year with a bang! click here to buy

My second little red item is a Kate Spade “Wellesley  Wallet,” that since purchasing has quickly become one of my faves! Bought on infamous Black Friday this item was a 70% off bargain and really was my greatest purchase of 2014( Who doesn’t love a Kate Spade bargain!) Its pillar box red leather was perfect for yesterday’s red theme and it even has a hint of gold on the logo so fits in well with all the lanterns about town! Kate Spade, is fabulous at making purses just the right size and this is no exception. As a lover of organisation and compartments this purses has enough space for all the essentials and the extras( the millions of Starbucks receipts I seem to hoard…). It also fits snugly into all of my bags without being too bulky.

The Purse.
The Purse.

Today is the second day of CNY,  so I hope you are sporting your favorite bit of red and enjoying the celebrations wherever you are in the world!  I wish you all a happy & prosperous year of the goat!


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