Crazy for Cartoon Accessories : Jump From The Paper

So a fortnight ago the internet was all about the black and blue dress or was is white and gold? (I am still undecided.) 

Anyway, yesterday morning I  woke up as usual and had a quick morning flick through facebook and twitter. Quickly I discovered there is yet another fashion item hitting headlines and having everyone question their own sanity.
The items in question are made by a Taiwanese company called Jump From Paper and over night this brand has taken the internet fashion world by storm with its cartoonified bags! 
These bags are truly unique and at 7:30am , sent my head in a bit of a spin! If you haven’t had a look at these yet be prepared to question everything you know about fashion and life…
Jump From Paper S/S 15
Jump From Paper S/S 15
For the Adventurer.
For the Adventurer.
I know what you are thinking….Someone has been getting busy on photoshop but I promise they are real, fully functional and so cute!These bags have been around since 2010 but have been proving popular among the 2015 fashion week bloggers hence the current serge in exposure, everyone is going cartoon crazy! After all who wouldn’t want to be seen in an item that looks likes its comes straight out of Ashely Spanelli’s Warbode.
My Personal Pick
My Personal Pick
Purse Perfection.
Purse Perfection.

If you love all things quirky and have novelty needs then these bags are made for you! The prices range from around 30 USD for smaller purses and go right up to 150 USD for the larger bags,  so they don’t come in cheap.

However, you are investing in so much more than just a bag; you get an optical illusion, a conversation starter an and utterly amazing fashion accessory that is guaranteed to get  you noticed! 

So don’t delay and get yourself online have have a look at their full collection and stockists( click here for more info). Even if you don’t want to own one you can’t deny these bag are a real show stopper! 
Hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to channel your inner ” Alga,” or “ Daria.”
Until next time.

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