The Weekly Edit No.3 : Art Basel Cocktails, The Woods, Hong Kong

With Art Basel in town and Art Central, everyone in Hong Kong is embracing the artsy ambiance.  When I saw that one of my favourite bars The Woods, was making its very own art inspired cocktails for one week only I just had to get myself down and try!

Art Basel at The Woods
Art Basel at The Woods

The Woods on Hollywood Road has an amazing array of drinks and is proving very popular among the movers and shakers of Hong Kong. Their specialty is utterly sensational cocktails that get all your senses tingling. Their premise is using the freshest ingredients to create unique cocktails that both tantalise the taste buds but are also pieces of art.

The Woods.
The Woods.

The Woods, is beautifully designed and has a laid back elegance. The décor is made up of art work, natural materials has a subtle rustic theme running throughout. I particularly love the glasswork behind the bar, the gothic branches give the bar area an almost mystical feeling.

The Dandy Warhol
The Dandy Warhol

So I know you are all waiting the verdict on the Art Basel specials well, I can honestly say they did not disappoint and are certainly worth an Instagram! Inspired by Andy Warhol  the aptly named “Dandy Warhol,” delivered in a tin can decorated in a classic Campbell’s Soup label this tomato and Tabasco cocktail was deliciously thick, ice cold and had a spicy twist not dissimilar to a bloody mary.  I also tried the Damien Hirst cocktail which is brought to you in a “ Love of God,” inspired skull and poured to perfection with the applewood smoking from the glass( my favourite). 

Cocktail O'Clock, The Dandy Warhol.
Cocktail O’Clock, The Dandy Warhol.

These cocktails are available until 17th Of March so you don’t have a lot of time to get down there.  Don’t despair if you miss out on the Art Basel spectacles, every cocktail on The Woods Menu is fabulous so don’t forget to drop in !

The Extras :

Close MTR: Central MTR( then hop on the Mid-levels to Hollywood Road)

A little bit of Extra Direction: The Woods is fairly hidden from the street giving it a mystical effect so if you head for the Paisaono’s Pizza and walk up look out for the sign!

Price: Cocktails range from $100 HKD- ( I haven’t tried but I hear their nibbles are                                                                       delicious!)


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