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New Logo!
New Logo!

Crazy for Cartoon Accessories : Jump From The Paper

So a fortnight ago the internet was all about the black and blue dress or was is white and gold? (I am still undecided.) 

Anyway, yesterday morning I  woke up as usual and had a quick morning flick through facebook and twitter. Quickly I discovered there is yet another fashion item hitting headlines and having everyone question their own sanity.
The items in question are made by a Taiwanese company called Jump From Paper and over night this brand has taken the internet fashion world by storm with its cartoonified bags! 
These bags are truly unique and at 7:30am , sent my head in a bit of a spin! If you haven’t had a look at these yet be prepared to question everything you know about fashion and life…
Jump From Paper S/S 15
Jump From Paper S/S 15
For the Adventurer.
For the Adventurer.
I know what you are thinking….Someone has been getting busy on photoshop but I promise they are real, fully functional and so cute!These bags have been around since 2010 but have been proving popular among the 2015 fashion week bloggers hence the current serge in exposure, everyone is going cartoon crazy! After all who wouldn’t want to be seen in an item that looks likes its comes straight out of Ashely Spanelli’s Warbode.
My Personal Pick
My Personal Pick
Purse Perfection.
Purse Perfection.

If you love all things quirky and have novelty needs then these bags are made for you! The prices range from around 30 USD for smaller purses and go right up to 150 USD for the larger bags,  so they don’t come in cheap.

However, you are investing in so much more than just a bag; you get an optical illusion, a conversation starter an and utterly amazing fashion accessory that is guaranteed to get  you noticed! 

So don’t delay and get yourself online have have a look at their full collection and stockists( click here for more info). Even if you don’t want to own one you can’t deny these bag are a real show stopper! 
Hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to channel your inner ” Alga,” or “ Daria.”
Until next time.

The Weekly Edit No. 2 : We’re Superga-Stylin

Having spied Supergas a while back with the Alexa Chung campaign they have been on my to purchase list,” for some time. Last week I finally hunted out the Flagship store in Harbor City Hong Kong and popped my Superga cherry!

I went into the store convinced I needed the classically chic Navy 2570’s, with a cream coloured sole and gorgeous shade of dark navy, I was fully prepared to purchase a pair of my very own.

In the Navy
In the Navy

I was wearing a white shirt at the time the and cream just didn’t right alongside. I tend to wear a lot of white tees in Summer so decided to give a few styles a try.

Shiny Supergas
Shiny SupergaI

I must have tried on a about four pairs and even though I fell a little bit in love with these fab sparkle Supergas.

My heart was set on the 2750’s so I to opted for something a bit more classic and decided grey sage,”  were the ones for me! 

The chosen pair!
The chosen pair!

The lighter shade makes them perfect for summer months and they are not too harsh against my (at the moment) rather pasty legs, if I wanted to wear them with my fave pair of denim shorts.

Not only are Supergas a lot cuter than your average canvas plimsolls they are cleverly designed with a slightly lifted sole making them super comfy!! 

I have been wearing them none stop since purchasing and have had a lot of compliments on them, people seem to be really digging the Superga-style!


At the moment I have been teaming them up with my favourite pair of skinnies, Whistles stripey sweater and possibly my greatest purchase of spring so far a kidswear navy parka( this is proof kidswear is always worth a gander)

I have also tried them with my Topshop Mom Jeans and a grey tee for that Normcore vibe matched with a cross over body bag. This look is really simple and would make a shopping outfit! And is still cool enough to be seen in all the right places if an afternoon cocktail is required!

Fashion for thought.
Fashion for thought.

I am utterly in love these shoes and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time!


A Day for RED – Happy Chinese New Year

As yesterday was the first day of the Chinese New Year Celebrations I thought it was only fitting I keep with tradition and wear RED in the hope the year of the goat would give me prosperity, happiness and love. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a new addition to the wardrobe so I opted for a few more subtle ways to rock red!

This TOPSHOP nail varnish is a classic shade of red and when applied has a real glossy finish making it perfect for the New Year Celebrations. For anyone looking for that timeless shade this is the colour for you!!

Pillar Box Red.
Pillar Box Red.

The name of the polish is “pillar box red,”(No.401). This is the little gem was a steal at only $45.00 HKD from topshop in their latest 2 polishes for $99.00 HKD offer! ( An offer not to be ignored!)  Sporting this makes my nails look shiny and pristine and ready to bring in the new year with a bang! click here to buy

My second little red item is a Kate Spade “Wellesley  Wallet,” that since purchasing has quickly become one of my faves! Bought on infamous Black Friday this item was a 70% off bargain and really was my greatest purchase of 2014( Who doesn’t love a Kate Spade bargain!) Its pillar box red leather was perfect for yesterday’s red theme and it even has a hint of gold on the logo so fits in well with all the lanterns about town! Kate Spade, is fabulous at making purses just the right size and this is no exception. As a lover of organisation and compartments this purses has enough space for all the essentials and the extras( the millions of Starbucks receipts I seem to hoard…). It also fits snugly into all of my bags without being too bulky.

The Purse.
The Purse.

Today is the second day of CNY,  so I hope you are sporting your favorite bit of red and enjoying the celebrations wherever you are in the world!  I wish you all a happy & prosperous year of the goat!

The Hand Luggage Essentials.

Living in Asia means you have amazing destinations like Vietnam, Japan and Singapore easily at your disposal so who could resist becoming a bit of a holiday addict. Unfortunately, going on holiday means PACKING, something I never seemed to get right. After a lot of over-packing and under-packing, I think I may have managed to crack at least one part of the long and arduous process…. Sadly, I have not figured out to pack an extra three pairs of shoes in your already over flowing suitcase but what I have sussed is the all-important Hand Luggage Essentials.

Packing Perfection.

Whether you are doing a long Haul 20 hour flights or just a quick flit across the Ocean getting the basics of hand luggage right will help calm the nerves, hopefully aid to a good sleep if needed and keep you looking refreshed.

So here are my top five Travel Essentials I will NOT step on the plane without:

Travel Wallet-

The Travel Wallet

There is nothing worse than being at the security desk and holding up a queue while you have a bag rummage through every single pocket looking for them all important documents( tut tut!). Investing in a good sized travel wallet means everything is in one place and easy to hand and there are no hold ups( well at least on your part). For frequent flyers I would suggest investing in a high quality wallet to be sure of durability; I opted for a classic “Fossil Brown leather wallet,” which has stood the test of time for at least 3 years. However, if you want something a bit more lively Kath Kidston, Kate Spade and even for a much cheaper option Primark have a wide range of wallets on offer to choose from. So there are no excuses!!

Eye Mask-

No matter the length or your flight it is always nice to have a bit of a cat-nap and there is nothing worse than a cheap scratchy eye-mask, when you are trying to relax. Now, I have to admit as much as I love a cute novelty number, I am all about the comfort (especially on a long haul). On my last few departures I have opted for a contoured foam eye mask for ultimate comfort which are easily purchased from all good travel stores, I recommended the “Travelon mask.”Click here to buy. However if it’s something with a bit more style check out urban outfitters and amazon for the latest in novelty eye-wear.


As soon as I am in my seat the first thing I do is take my shoes off, no matter how long the flight. So SOCKS are a MUST! Now here is where I have fun I usually pick the brightest fluffiest socks to optimize comfort. However, if you are doing a long haul and suffer from any health issues that may lead to DVT, I strongly suggest flight socks, which can be bought from every department store with a great travel section, these socks aren’t known for being fashionable and are usually pretty plain but if you are ever slightly worried INVEST!

Blanket –

There is nothing worse than being cold on a plane and even though they provide blankets it’s nice to have something to wrap around yourself for extra cosiness. I usually opt for a fleece fold away travel blanket that can be easily packed not to take up too much precious space. If you are a little worried about needing your hang luggage for suitcase overspill go for a pashmina, this will take up less space and still be big enough keep you toasty. I must admit I am a little bit in love with my newest travel blanket by “little miracles.”

Comfort Companion.

Its fluffy, cute and doubles as a pillow(what more could you need, have a browse at their range I guarantee you will love it!). Click here to buy.

Sleep Mist-

Sleep my pretties.

Planes aren’t renowned for their soothing smells so don’t forget to pack something a little sweet to help oust any bad odors. I always travel with a calming sleep inducing mist to give my blanket and body a little spritz before trying to get some shut eye. I swear by the Body Shop’s “ Deep Sleep, Dreamy Body mist, with its blend of Chamomile and jujube extract this spray is just what you need to relax. If you can’t locate this one there are a ton of sleep mists on the market, so there is no need for unfortunate smells again! Oh, remember your liquids need to be less 100ml so be sure to check the measurements.

The Extras-

The Small Pot of Moisturizer

Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste( for long Hauls a MUST)

Face Wipes or Cleansing milk – To keep subtle and refreshed.

Entertainment – Ipad, laptop, kindle or old skool book with pages.

Hopefully this little guide will give you a few handy ways to achieve a stress free flight!